Editorial Board


Dr. Phil. Pavel Blažek (Philosophical Institute CAS)

Mgr. Kryštof Boháček, Ph.D. (Philosophical Institute CAS

Doc. Martin Cajthaml, Ph.D. (Cyrilometodějská teologická fakulta UP) 

Mgr. Sylva Fišerová, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts UK) 

Prof. PhDr. Pavel Floss (Faculty of Arts UHK) 

Mgr. Pavel Hobza, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts UP) 

PhDr. Jozef Matula, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts UP) 

Doc. PhDr. Tomáš Nejeschleba, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts UP) 

Doc. Mgr. Marek Otisk, Ph.D. (Faculty of Arts OU) 

Prof. Dr. Matthias Perkams (Institut für Philosophie, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena) 

Salvatore Di Piazza, Ph.D. (University of Palermo) 

Dr. Sylvain Piron (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales, Paris)


Editorial office


Pavel Hobza



Kryštof Boháček

vice editor-in-chief


Martin Zielina



Jakub Ráliš

technical editor




Journal for the Study of Greek and Latin Philosophical Traditions 

Aither is the scientific, peer-reviewed electronic journal published by the Philosophical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It was established in the Department od Older Czech and European Philosophy - Institute of Philosophy.

Aither publishes twice a year. The journal is registered under ISSN 1803-7860 (Online)

Aither is focused on growing the European philosophical tradition from the ancient Greek philosophy through Latin Antiquity, Medieval Latin and the Latin Renaissance and early modern period.

Aither articles are published in Czech, English, German or French. At least once every two years purely foreign language issue is published (International Issue).


Aither publishes academic studies, articles, translations of classic authors, polemic, critical insights, and reviews. Not publishing a thesis or popular texts. Aither is a scientific journal, published by contributions must therefore fulfill the necessary substantive and formal criteria related to a focus on Latin and Greek philosophical tradition. All entries go through an anonymous review process, prepares recommendations to the editorial board of each number. A final decition about the publication of any article in the Aither belongs to editor-in-chief and publisher.

Aither is designed for publication of original publications of academic and scientific community, therefore, only with rare exceptions, does not accept any already published texts. Authors pf publications can not act anonymously and accept all consequences resulting from disclosure of information about their professional profile and influence. Posted comments do not reflect the opinion of the editors, all responsibility for the contents of the texts carry their authors.

Aither publishes texts on the basis of an exclusive license. That license comes from the author the exclusive right to use all the texts published in it for 5 years. In addition to writing the agreed or statutory copyright exceptions, these texts may not be reprinted, copied or otherwise distributed publicly without the written permission of the publisher.




§ 1 Online magazine Aither is published by Faculty of Arts, Palacky University in connection with Philosophical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (FF UPOL).

§ 2 The aim of the journal is to present the results of research on Greek and Latin philosophical traditions through the electronic media and access to a wider audience.

§ 3 The magazine comes with a frequency of 2 regular issues annually.

§ 4 The Institute of Philosophy journal covers for the History of old Czech and European philosophy.


§ 1 Editorial Board

Editorial Board (hereafter EB) aither magazine has an odd number of members, at least the 11th Its chairman is a member and editor of the journal aither. Členy EB appointed director of the Institute of Philosophy at the nomination of the cuEBent EB. If the existing FD for whatever reason, long neusnášeníschopná, EB nominate new members for the History of old Czech and European fil. Flu

§ 2 Election of members of the Editorial Board.

New members are elected individually EB regular meetings of the EB. The right to nominate a member of any member of EB. For a valid choice must be approved by an absolute majority of all members of EB. In case of insufficient participation by group members at the meeting, the choice must be repeated at the next meeting of EB. The re-election just more than half of the members present EB.

§ 3 Composition of the editorial board.

New members elected by the existing EB. EB with regard to maintaining balance in producing fields in Latin and Greek philosophical tradition. At least four members representing each FD Greek and Latin at least two members of the philosophy.

§ 4 Termination of membership of the Editorial Board.

Membership expires in EB resignation at a meeting RC member, which it notes.In exceptional cases, perhaps even a written resignation to the attention of the editor, who is obliged to submit to the next meeting of the EB. Membership in or upon appeal EB člena EB EB at the meeting.

§ 5 Appeal editorial board.

Revoke member of the editorial board can only EB in its meetings. Right to apply for voting on the member's appeal in EB has any EB member. For an appeal must be approved by an absolute majority of all members of the EB. Appeals Flu confirmed director.

§ 5 The choice of editor.

Editor in Chief of EB is elect by the members from their midst. The editor is appointed director of the Institute of Philosophy Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

§ 6 Redaction

The editors of the magazine consists of Aither editor and editorial. Editors are appointed by the Director of Flu design editor. Editors can be a member of EB.

§ 7 Appeals editor

Editor editor may be removed.